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Make High-Converting Video Ads EASILY
Using Proven Formulas That WORK

(OVER 100 million dollars in ad spend says so)
You're going to spend money sending traffic to your ads. By using the knowledge in this course you may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in wasted traffic and wasted opportunities. 

The thing is... you need to know just a few basic skills and concepts to create incredibly effective video ads for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media site. These skills are easy to understand, and even easier to implement. In fact, you likely already posses many of these skills without even knowing it. 
What you will NOT learn

This training IS NOT about the technical side of making video ads. We won't be talking about which camera to use (except the one in your pocket) or what editing software you need. Why? Because that doesn't affect how an ad performs on social media. Fancy only hurts conversions.


The good news is this... it doesn't matter what you use to shoot your videos. In fact, its better if you use a smartphone to shoot your videos because it feels authentic... and that's a magical (and valuable) thing... authenticity. 

You don't need fancy editing either... some of the highest performing videos we've seen only have a couple edits in them (if any). And they don't have impressive text, or animation. They don't even feel professional in ANY WAY.  

WHY? Because that is how people today communicate ideas and share their lives socially... with simple and direct video. You want your ads to be part of that social ecosystem, not stand out against it. 

What you will learn

Video structure. Yep, that's the magic sauce. How you present the information. Buts it's not just how you lay out the information, its also concepts behind the information. The reason "Why" people should care, watch, engage, and ultimately click and buy. 

Millions spent, so you don't have to

The knowledge from this couse was gathered over several years, hundreds of online video ads, and millions of dollars in traffic spent over Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.


These aren't theories. These are tested strategies still USED TODAY in our business. These are techniques that continue to work and continue to generate sales for our clients. 

It's not complicated. I Promise. 

The Course is 10 Lectures:

The Big Idea

How to Open Your Ad

Understanding Your Product and Audience

For Online Video Ads

How to Transitions from Engagement to Compelling offer

The Opening of Your Ad

Ad Structure Formula

The TOP 10 Ad Elements That Compel

Real-Time Ad Example

Unsure if the training is good? Here is the most valuable lesson from the course for FREE...
Real-life examples, and how they converted. 
Real-life examples, and how they converted. 
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