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Every product is different, every audience is different, every company has a different AOV and a different metric of success. Because of this- each client needs video creative that is tailored to them. 

Whether the video's purpose is engagement to build an audience for retargeting, brand awareness, or direct-response to warm traffic for an immediate purchase, we have experience with it all.

We believe data matters in the creative process. Reviewing what works (and what doesn't) is an important part of the video creation process.

Although video creative is not the sole element of a successful campaign, they are often the most challenging aspect of our clients social media efforts, and a hinge-point to their online success.





We create the world's best direct-response video ads for social media, Amazon, Connected TV and websites. Our  videos see millions of dollars a month in ad spend across our wide range of clients.

With tens of millions of dollars in video traffic, we have narrowed in on what is working now, and what we think will work tomorrow.


We're experts at creating video ads that convert.


Because every market is unique, we take our proven video strategies and work alongside your team to test the right media on the right platforms.


We come up with the creative based on our experience across dozens of niches.



We primarily work from your assets to create the video ads. But when additional footage is needed, we have a video team that can record the right footage to help create compelling ads.

From studio shoots, to organic looking smart-phone style footage, we can do it all.




We're able to get videos completed in days, not weeks. In addition to the new creative, we provide variations for testing so we can learn from every new video.

For clients with large ad spend, we can provide a greater number of ads than most agencies. This allows you to avoid ad fatigue when a large volume of views are reaching your ads.



Most video agencies don't pay attention to your market competitors when thinking about video. We research what your competition is doing and take what we believe works and improve on it.





We begin by assessing all of your digital assets. This includes videos, photos, graphics, reviews, testimonials, as well as current and past ad creative.

Next, we test multiple ad angles based on what we have seen work across a broad range of other niches. This helps us to understand what creative your audience is responding to as we move forward on new ads.

We stay in constant communication with you, and your media buyer. We fulfill their requests for additional creative in tandem with providing fresh new creative from our team based on our experience.



ENGAGEMENT is all about grabbing attention and keeping it long enough to get your message across. This is how the video opens, pattern interrupts, the editing, the sound, the graphics, the copy on the video and the overall flow and delivery of information.

COMPEL is all about educating the viewer on why they need your product through demonstration, facing objections, outcome and results, and social proof. By compelling them to click we can get them one step closer to the conversion.

CONVERT is always having a call-to-action. How you present that, when and where in the video it appears can all have an effect on CTR.


My media buyer has an in-house creative team, why do I need Convert Views to make additional videos?

Most agencies put little focus on their creative. And even less so on video creative. They use templates and done-for-you sites to produce generic ads. The reality is not all videos are equal. The right video can mean tens of thousands of dollars in increased conversations as you scale. We work with your media buyer to help give them better video to run in their campaigns.

It's not hard to create an effective video with a couple hundred dollar ad spend behind it.

1-2x ROAS is common with low spend. But can they create a video that continues to perform with 6 figures of ad spend behind it? We can, we have.

We study video data across a variety of niches and continuously adapt to what is working.

My company has an in-house video team? Do I still need them?

Yes! We love working alongside creative teams within a company. We often rely on them to help provide us with new creative assets to work with.


We have found that not only do we benefit from working with internal video teams, but they benefit by learning how to create better video for your company. It's a win/win.

Can you guarantee your videos will perform?

No. No one can guarantee anything in advertising. Part of our process is testing a variety of videos to your market. We narrow in on what they respond to and build off of the successes... and learn from the failing media. 

Can Convert Views make one video for me?

Convert Views does not do one-off videos. We work with your company and your ad buyer long-term to continuously provide high converting and impactful video ads. 

As we create and test different creative approaches, we learn and narrow in on what is the most effective approach in your market niche. 

In addition to scaling what works, we create new videos and try new approaches to continuously grab attention and insure your creative doesn't grow stale as you scale.





If you want to hear first-hand about our approach to video marketing; listen to one or both of our podcast appearances below.

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